Social Commitment:

  • All suppliers comply with our Doctor’s Choice® Code of Conduct as included in our Vendor Polices and Procedures Manual.
  • Adherence to our policies and commitment to these values will be renewed annually by supplier written acknowledgement and as monitored through routine audits by third parties in accordance with retailer requirements.

Social Commitment:

    I. Policy Summary
    It is the policy of Doctor’s Choice Socks/IQ BRANDS that our products must be produced under fair, safe, and humane working conditions. All products, regardless of end use – including retail or wholesale products – must be produced or otherwise sourced only through responsible companies carrying certifications from internationally recognized auditing agencies. Vendors must agree to the standards set forth in this policy throughout their supply chain and must responsibly manage a transparent supply chain.
    II. Definitions

    Contractor means each contractor, subcontractor, vendor, supplier, buying agent, manufacturer, or other entities engaged in the manufacturing or supply chain process, which ultimately results in a finished product on behalf of Doctor’s Choice Socks/IQ BRANDS.

    Corrective Action Plan (CAP) means a written plan provided to Doctor’s Choice Socks/IQ BRANDS or auditing entity that details improvements to an organization’s processes to remedy violations or alleged violations of the Code.

    Supply Chain includes every company that comes into contact with a particular product (e.g., all the companies manufacturing any components of the product, assembling it, delivering it, and selling it).

    III. Policy Text
    A. Standards
    B. Internal Monitoring, Training, Independent External Monitoring, and Verification
    C. Non-Compliance and Remediation/Corrective Action Plan
    IV. Procedures

    All Vendors to Doctor’s Choice Socks/IQ BRANDS must incorporate this Code of Conduct policy as a requirement to supply products to Doctor’s Choice Socks/IQ BRANDS or its customers.

    Signed acknowledgements of the Vendor Policy and Procedures manual will be filed and maintained by Doctor’s Choice Socks/IQ BRANDS.

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